History About Dipti Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals


ounded in the year 1988 by Mr. Balkrishna Sharma, Dipti Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals soon made its mark in what can be called as a unique way of selling household cleaning material; through ‘Make it Yourself’ kits. Domestic cleaning materials such as Multipurpose Cleaner, Laundry Detergent, Floor Cleaner, Dish Cleaner etc were packed and sold in form of a ‘Make it yourself’ kits where all the basic ingredients were packed individually and then packed together along with the recipe to make them at home. This enabled our customers to make their own cleaning goods at home at a substantially lower cost than their branded counterparts. This concept of making the products at home not only helped our customers save their money but also led many of them to earn money by reselling the finished goods and thus making a business out of it. The Kits and the know-how provided with them have been referred to and recommended by many self help groups and organizations.