Welcome to Dipti Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

“Dipti” became a name synonym to quality cleaning products in every household


Founded in the year 1988 by Mr. Balkrishna Sharma, Dipti Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals soon made its mark in what can be called as a unique way of selling household cleaning material; through ‘Make it Yourself’ kits.
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About Products

What do we make? The answer is as simple as this- World class cleaning products with unmatched quality at affordable price! From your everyday kitchen cleaning to heavy duty industrial degreasing,
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We at Dipti are constantly striving to deliver the best. With a specialized team constantly engaged in improving the performance and quality of every product.Shop with us.
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Make your product at home

Since its inception in 1988, Dipti has provided products in the form of “Make it yourself” Kits in order to give our customers the best of quality at the best of price and to provide them firsthand knowledge of the products they use and with the joy of making it by themselves.
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Our Green Policy

Commitment towards the environment has always been a priority at Dipti. Focus is always on designing green products with the use of biodegradable and eco-friendly ingredients.
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Customer Satisfaction

Believing in the ideology that Customer is the King, We at Dipti take utmost care that 100% customer satisfaction is served by taking in to consideration individual need and thereby providing customized solution
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Why Choose Us?

1. Modern Approach

With changing trend and for sake of customer convenience, a range of complete “Home care’ system has been developed keeping in mind the needs and demands of our chronic life. Now look after every part of your home with what we call ‘Grooming Products’ specially designed with the focus that no part of your home is left unattended.

2. Cost Effectiveness

The focus has always been on designing concentrate and result oriented products so as to minimize packaging and other related costs and to minimize the dosage per use, which has automatically led to reduction of effective cost spent on the chore. By adopting this approach we try to provide the best of quality at the best of price.

3. Quality Assurance

Providing customized and result oriented solutions has always been criterion of our working. Keeping in mind every section of industry be it Food, Hospitals, Hotels and Lodging, automobile or any manufacturing or service sector, we provide a comprehensive portfolio for every need.

4. Research and Development

The success of our product is the result of intensive research done by our research and development team. Our R & D team works in coordination with the processing unit and facilitates in producing innovative and quality chemicals to meet the clients’ requirements. These R & D personnel also help us bring in innovation in our processing technology and facilitate us deliver best and non-toxic chemicals to clients.